How to Bet Guide – Handicap Betting

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If you are a sports fan, or just trust your intuition enough, betting could be your hobby. Betting is not only a hobby; it is also a passion for some experienced betters. Betting is also a way of earning easy money. In moderation betting can be a fun hobby especially if you are interested in learning about new strategies of betting and new types of betting.

Handicap Betting

One of the most popular strategies of betting which may or may not be familiar to you is handicap betting. If you want to learn more about handicap betting, read on, as we go in detail and take a detailed look at handicap betting and its variety Asian handicap, strategies of betting which you may use to your advantage and as a means of winning money.  Football-Betting-markets

Odds of Winning or Losing A Bet

When betting bookmakers will give the odds of a team winning or losing or the end result of a match being a draw, which are corresponding to the predicted chances of a team to win or lose or the chances of having a draw at the end. In handicap betting the bookmakers will give a handicap to the team which has slimmer chances of winning.  gun__1387192830_ucl_arsenal_v_bayernmunich

Bayern Munich vs. Arsenal

Let’s say a Bayern Munich is playing a soccer game with Arsenal and that the bookmakers give the odds of 1.2 for Bayern Munich to win 3.0 chances for Arsenal and 3.2 for an X or draw. In handicap betting the team which stands lower chances of winning, in this hypothetical example that is Arsenal, would have a for example, handicap 1. That means that if the real result at the end of the game is 1:1. The result of your handicap game would be 1:2, which means in your handicap betting Arsenal has won. Bookmakers give odds for handicap betting in order to reduce the odds when the stakes are higher and when it is rather obvious that one team is a favorite and will most certainly win the match. Handicap betting is used to give an advantage to the team which is supposed to lose, by one or two points, and then reduce the already high odds which are given by the bookmakers. In handicap betting therefore the result you look at is not the realistic outcome of the game, but the one with the given goal of advantage for the team which is not the bookmakers’ favorite.

Asian Handicap 

handicapAsian handicap is a form of betting in which the possible outcomes are reduced from three (win, lose, draw) to two and as a better you stand 50% chances of winning the bet. Let’s look at a practical example if you place a handicap bet on Bayern Munich +1.0, +1.5 half of your bet will go on Bayern Munich to win, draw, or lose by less than one goal, and halt that they will win, draw or lose by less than 1.5 goals. If in the final score the Arsenal wins the match by 1-0 half of your bet would be refunded since it is regarded as a draw (Arsenal 1: Bayern Munich 1) and the second half would win since Bayern Munich lost by less than 1.5 goals.